About Us

About Peramax

Peramax is the trade name of Granstar Global Services, a subsidiary of the Granstar Group of Companies with headquarters in Manila, Philippines. We are a 100% Filipino owned company and employ an all-Filipino staff for all our current offices in the Philippines and in Australia.

Established in October 2010 with our first outlet located in Blacktown, Sydney, we aim to provide Filipinos and other local residents an alternative money remittance service to the Philippines that is fast, secure and convenient and at the same time, establish our name as one of the most dependable provider of money remittance services to the Philippines.

We believe that Filipinos, no matter where they are, deserve warm hospitality and quality service especially when it involves handing out their hard earned cash for sending to their family, friends and love ones in the Philippines.

Aside from Philippines and Australia, Peramax is looking at expanding its remittance services to countries within Asia, Europe and the U.S.

You can trust our dedication to providing quality service and our continuous goal of improving our offerings for the benefit of Filipinos globally.

For anything that has to do with money remittance services to the Philippines, Peramax will always deliver MAX speed and MAX savings.